Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facebook Makes it Easier to Delete Your Account, Sort Of

Please read all the instructions that follows when you click the button for permanent deletion below.

If you want to skip most of the instructions, feel free to go to the expert page, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh are hereby warned! :)

Feeling groovy? Go to the expert page.

In one of many articles covering the topic, Josh Catone of ReadWriteWeb writes...

The social networking site offers a "deactivate" feature, but still archives all of a user's personal information in case that user decides they miss Facebook and want back in. Frustrated members turned to groups on the site to complain (where else?) and get advice on unofficial processes for deleting their accounts. Today Facebook made account deletion a tiny bit easier.

As always, this site (or the original Facebook group) is quoted!


  1. Hi.1 mnth b4 i got a msg "uo account has been safeguard uo information change password here".i changed my password.but now i can't login in it via keeps n telling me to login in computer.i don't have computer.plz help

  2. very simple.
    I went to expert page.
    opened link to delete account.
    Had to put password in and
    then hit delete button.
    Was advised account wouldbe permanently deleted after 14 days.
    couldn;t have been simpler.
    regards and thanks
    Hillbilly Bubba

  3. Face book is for kids that know no better. It is a scatter brain club that every body knows every elses business.
    Billy Smith

  4. If I knew then what I know now. I would never joined face book.

  5. Same here, I would of not joined Facebook if I knew Facebook was gay but luckily I deleted my account.


  6. thanks for these instruction of account deleting! you have helped me a lot!

  7. The information on account deleting was surprisingly useful and helpful! My previous experience to delete an account was a real nightmare.