Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaving Facebook, a mission impossible

Please read all the instructions that follows when you click the button for permanent deletion below.

If you want to skip most of the instructions, feel free to go to the expert page, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh are hereby warned! :)

Feeling groovy? Go to the expert page.

In one of many articles covering the topic, David Alandete of El Pais writes...

(Google Translated from Spanish)
Leaving the Facebook social network is not easy. Kate Raynes-Goldie, a Canadian researcher, decided to do last October. "I realized that I was learning so did my friends through Facebook, instead of talking with them," he explains. Delete your account was a nightmare. I still do not know if you've been able to do at all. First, users who wish to unsubscribe can "deactivate" your account. "But the job is like a limbo," says Raynes-Goldie. In fact, when someone "off" the account, the profile is still in the Facebook database. You can receive advertisements and invitations to events. But in reality no one can see the profile, except for the company. Basically, it tries to hide the information.

As always, this site (or the original Facebook group) is quoted!


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